New Freezing Apartment…

I have not mastered the heating system in my new apartment. Heat is included in my rent but it wasn’t until recently that I figured out the provided heating is limited. So I may be getting free heat but really this means a burst of heat will be delivered from the vents once every twelve hours. In the meantime I’m left to a poor, shivering state and can’t help but ponder winter wear. Just earlier I was browsing photos of the Inuit when I realized maybe something like this might be needed for life in my apartment this winter.

old heater

So while I was riding the elevator today I ended up talking to a fellow resident who lives on the same floor as I do. She was an elderly woman and I had the feeling she wanted someone to talk too. In truth, I find myself enjoying the company of the elderly more and more as I grow older. I know it may sound silly but when I’m around old people I start to remember my grandparents (who are gone) and I feel like I’m in their company again.

Sort of.

I feel like I’m stepping into the role of a granddaughter who will be told stories, given cookies and will work puzzles because these are all activities I remember from my grandparents. The elderly woman and I ended up talking about heating. I asked for advice and she told me the only way to make it through the cold is to get myself a space heater.

“I have a space heater in my apartment. Do you want to see it?” she asked. I could hear the excitement in her voice. As if, the idea of showing off her space heater was the most thrilling idea of all time. I’ve always felt a little nervous about stepping into stranger’s apartments but I’ve gotten past this because, well, I’ve just become more social over time. I followed the woman into her apartment and we talked in great detail about space heaters. She insisted on giving me a tour of her entire apartment, which was beautiful with stunning views of the river and highly decorated with care.

I left just a few minutes ago, feeling like I had just stepped out of a cozy scene where neighbors visit other neighbors and everyone is cheerful to one another. Instead of being distant strangers, people stop to say “Hello.” Typically, I have no interest in knowing my neighbors but this new apartment has brought about some interesting changes.

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